Training & Development

It is wisely said that we cannot run business with yesterday's tools & today's techniques & still hope to remain in the forefront of tomorrow's market. In today's competitive business environment, it is absolute essential for every organization to constantly adapt and improve its capabilities. Additionally it is more economical to up-skill an existing resource than acquire a new one.

Corporate mantra helps you to identify skill-gaps in your existing resource, and re-train them to match you changing business needs.

The services we offer include:





  • Uncover hidden potential
  • Increased efficiencies
  • Technology upgrade
  • Reduced employee turnover
  • Job satisfaction and motivation

Scientific studies have proven that Training & Development of employees can develop the will & skills of the employees. This directly result in, increased productivity, job enrichment, job satisfaction, cost-reduction, quality improvement, enhancement of employees' senseof belonging &involvement in organizational activities, motivation& commitment. They are open to understand market realities and poised to act to respond to environmental demands. Some key training that are part of our offerings include:

  • Quality Awareness-for Productivity
  • 5 S – Developing a Healthy Work Environment
  • Competency Mapping And training needs identification
  • Effective Leadership & Empowerment Skills
  • Motivating for productivity, Quality & Profits
  • Innovation & Creativity at workplace
  • Self-Motivation – For Self & Organization Development
  • Self-awareness & self-empowerment
  • Problem Solving and decision making Skills
  • Effective Communication Skills
  • Conflict Management Skills
  • Effective Time Management
  • Employee involvement and team building
  • Safety & Accident Prevention

Retaining each positive and motivated resource is essential to an organization's success. An organization spends time and money to searching a talent, onboarding, integrating them into the team, and training them, assuming that they're a good fit. All these make it imperative that the organization tries their best to keep them in the company. High employee turnover also has a negative effect on organizational morale. In addition to the direct loss of talent, the result is often a competitor gaining this valuable skill set.

Don't think of employee development as just training. It's more than that. And we help organizations to understand the intricate relationship between employee skill, service quality and retention.

Employee Retention Concerns:

  • Employees are now like customers; companies have to consider them as volunteers, not just workers
  • The new world of work changes the way we engage people
  • Employees' motivations have changed